With CLAMP experimenting on different styles & art formats, Mick Nekoi, artist responsible for Wish, has created a story of the shoujo genre they almost neglected. Like the stories before this, Marmalade Boy, Hana yori Dango, Greenwood, & many more, it is the more common genre of a present day girl, going to school, & the adventures of her life.

And with CLAMP broadening their genre, comes again a different art style that might appear unrecognizable by some CLAMP followers. A style more simple & realistic that is more associated with this type of genre. Without over-styled clothes, detailed backgrounds, distinctive eyes & hair, & excessive panel touchups, there is no need for these in Suki, Dakara Suki.

With this series running in Asuka's monthly Mystery DX (Kadokawa Shoten), this series has a certain element of intrigue. Plus, being still a series run by CLAMP, they still add suspenseful & uncertain characters; they're past & their goals are still kept hidden from the readers.


Hinata Asahi is a young, cheerful, energetic, & extremely naive girl. One day, she discovered that the lights are on next door to the vacant house. She then decides to greet her new neighbor. Unfortunately, while taking the shortcut down from her house, she slips & lands right on top of him. She proceeds proceeds to introduce herself, but he had no time to even give his name.

The following morning, the students learn that their previous homeroom teacher took an absence of leave due to her pregnancy, & the new teacher steps in. To Hina's surprise, it's her neighbor.

He introduces himself as Asou-sensei, a silent loner who keeps to himself. But with Hina's innocent, curious, & persistent character; she becomes friendly with her neighbor. But one of Hina's friend, Touko, is concerned about this potentially dangerous relationship. And without knowing anything about Asou-sensei's past & himself, she maybe right.